1. + Eamonn Cleary - Editor / Director

    I met Eamonn a few years back when we we’re both working on series two of Inspector George Gently, an ITV drama series. I was working as a Production Assistant (my first proper gig) and Eamonn was working in the Locations Department, a department he already gain quite a bit of experience in. We struck up a friendship and I promised that we would one day work on our own projects. A year later and we finally followed up on that statement by producing a live video for an Irish music magazine. We both operated the cameras, I directed and Eamonn was editor. And that’s the way it’s been ever since. Eamonn has edited every Irish project I’ve worked on and will always be there to throw a fresh perspective on things. The only problem with our working relationship is that it’s the equivalent of getting permission from Mom to go over to Jimmy’s house to play computer games. But despite all our nerding out over shared interests we somehow get the work done. He is my brother from another mother and has recently started directing online virals and corporate promos. I’d be lying if I said a big part of me didn’t want to keep him as Eamonn the editor but I guess nobody really know whats gonna happen next. Onwards and upwards.

  1. belleirene said: I’ve only met this man once or twice. But I very much enjoy him.
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